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Final results from the Summer’s End SNATR, August 29, 2020

5Zammit Snyder N0.70.0-
8TregunnoEden N0.2-

*These two cars tied for third Novice, but Olmstead & Hooper had more zeros so they get the third place award. 

Thank you all for competing or working at the SNATR on Saturday. I think things went quite well as we all adapted to the new realities of organizing events while meeting the necessities of Covid regulations.

I really appreciated all the competitors filling out the google entry form and most of you doing the self declaration as well. It really reduced our handling of the paperwork and I hope we can find a better way to do waivers, although that has to come from the insurance company. MotorSportReg has a fully electronic waiver but it’s not affordable right now.

I want to complement everybody on your adhering the social distancing, masks and hand hygiene. My shop isn’t an ideal place to headquarter a rally but it’s better than no rally at all.

For the novices I apologize if the instructions were on the tough side. SNATR’s are supposed to be fun with a bit of a challenge but I probably went overboard this time. If you have more questions about the instructions just let me know. For the beginners we more of less guided you through most sections and it won’t always be that simple. If you want copies of either set of instructions just let me know and I can email you a pdf. It was great to have some new people out, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

If you want more rally there is a virtual starting Sept. 5 organized by Doug Green, details are at  It’s quite interesting and you have a week to complete it. You have to be good with Google maps, if not, you will be by the end of it.

We have a combined SNATR and ORRC on September 26, again running from my office. Murray is working on the route and we’ll update the web page as more details become available.

Special thanks to all our workers on Saturday night: Gary & Christina for registration and CP’s 2 & 6, Jeff & Cheryl for CP’s 4 & 9, Steve for 1-3-8, Frank for #5 and last but not least Jim who drove from Windsor to do CP6. Jim’s first navigational rally was in about 1968, running his dad’s Chrysler station wagon thought the mud and clay of Bayham township. It was shortly after that that spring rallies got banned in the townships in that area.  Jim plans on running at the 50th. Tall Pines this year, he competed in the first one.

Teresa helped with registration, scoring and Pizza distribution. Roger did opening, two sections of the novice instructions, online route and timing checks and course opening, plus some of the scoring. Darin did two sections of novice and also looked over the instructions for errors. Gail did the route measurement.

The Sunday before the rally we did the route measurement and everything was designed, checked and printed by Thursday night. It’s great to have such a wonderful crew of people to get event running. This really is a club that works together.

Lastly, if you have suggestions on how we can make navigational rally better under the new normal please let us know.

Thanks everybody.

Martin Loveridge
President, KWRC