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KWRC Workers Championship

Every rally event relies on the dedicated workers who volunteer their time and resources to run safe, fun and competitive events. For 2022 we are going to have a championship for the workers, just like we would for competitors.

If a KWRC member works on an event organized by any CARS affiliated club they are eligible for points. Below are the proposed rules and points. (Dec. 26, 2020). We can discuss this at the January meeting and fine tune the eligibility and points structure if needed.

1. The championship consists of rally events organized by a CARS affiliated club during the calendar year. A contender’s total score will count towards the championship.

2 .KWRC Organizers will endeavor to assign points after the particular KWRC event. In the case of volunteering for other clubs it is the responsibility of the member to inform the scorekeeper

3. Points are awarded for each day worked of a multi-day event. If you do more than one job in a day you only get the points for the highest level job.

4. Points will be awarded as follows:

Performance Rally & RallySprint
Chief Official – Named in Supp Regs. Clerk of the Course, Rally Coordinator , Chief Marshal, Chief Timekeeper – 10 points
Senior Official e.g. Assistant to any of the above, Stage Commander, Sector Marshal – 8 points
Official or Marshal – 6 points
Working at a Test Day or Training Day – 6 points
Assisting Pre-Event e.g. Work day Setting Up/Dismantling the course, collating paperwork before/after the event, sorting equipment before/after the event, postrally clean up – 5 points

Course Designer, Clerk, Registration – 10 points
Scoring, startline  – 8 points
Marshal – 6 points
Setup/teardown – 5 Points

Navigational & Social
Route Master(Organizer), Green Crew – 10 points (each for up to two organizers or green crew)
Checkpoint, Car Zero, Closing, Registration  – 7 Points

Our VP, Brandon Pace will administer the championship, contact  him at