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RallyCross #5

Event Date

17 Oct 2020

9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Event Location

Port Colbourne

Organizing Club


The RallyCrosses for the weekend of October 17 & 18 have been postponed. There is an issue at the track and we don’t know when it will be resolved. We’ll post as soon as we know when we can run again. 


KWRC is putting on  four RallyCrosses at the New Humberstone Speedway in Port Colbourne on Saturday and Sunday October 17 and 18 2020. RallyCross uses stock and slightly improved cars in timed competition on a gravel and dirt track.

1716 Main St E.
Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V3
GPS 42.898846, ‐79.200793

Event Description

Saturday’s Rallycrosses will be the standard format with competitors completing one timed lap at a time, hopefully with seven laps per competitor.

Sunday morning, RC 5C will be a slightly different format in that we plan to have competitors do more than one lap at a time, probably two. The course layout will have no crossings so from the start you do a lap and continue into the second lap, at the end of the second lap you exit through the stop box and your time is taken. We should still be able to have two or three cars on track at the same time with a decent gap between them.

Rallycross 5D will be another test of out head to head concept, where competitors start facing each other separated by a barrier. More or less mirror image courses are run by each car finishing at opposite ends of the track. The competitors then return to the start in the opposite lane and do the other course. The score is the addition of the two times to even out any differences in the two routes. We expect the courses to be about 30 seconds long. It’s visually appealing since spectators can see the relative progress of both cars.

If you enter event 5C you are automatically entered into 5D with no extra cost, but you are not required to run in the event if you don’t want to.

Since we don’t have a championship this year we are using the extra day to try out and refine the new formats. There is no guarantee we will use these formats again; that will depend on the feedback we get from the competitors.

Online registration will be available via   and will open on Saturday September 19 at 7:00AM.  We allow a maximum of ~15 entries per event and car sharing will be accommodated where possible. In these special circumstances car sharing will be limited to two people if they are not living together. Since the car will need to be disinfected between drivers we’ll have driver #1 do the runs in one session, clean and air out the car and have driver #2  do their runs in the other session. We’ll score this as four different events over Saturday and Sunday. .

Sup Regs are here.   RC5-20 Humberstone SR R1

Registration for RC5A, Saturday morning
Registration for RC5B, Saturday afternoon
Registration for RC5C&D, Sunday

Self Declaration Form

RallyCross Fillable Waiver (unfortunately, you have to download it and open it in Adobe for the email button to work, you might have to print it.)
Annual Parental Consent Fillable
Minor Waiver Fillable


Registration and scrutineering open at 9:00AM and close at 9:30AM followed by a competitors meeting. As soon as you are registered you can go out on the track and complete a recce lap (slow speed, 25 km/h max) . We hope to get seven runs in and be done about 12:30PM the move on to event 5B

Results will be posted at

The general track layout is below but we try to improve the layout each time.   Check the web site as the date approaches,  wet weather can play havoc with the track and we may have to cancel. If you have any questions, email

RallyCross Track

RallyCross Track Layout


Event Organizers

Event Essentials

  • $85 / $100 Entry Fee

Event Forms

We've posted the essential and good to have forms in .pdf format so you can read them and fill them out ahead of time if needed. This could be important if you plan to run with a minor for whom who you do not have guardianship authority or if you want to register before the event.

Self Declaration Form