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Results from RallyCross #1, February 10, 2018

The full detailed results are at

The conditions were challenging with a lot of fresh snow on top of ice, and the ice got more polished as the day went on. There were a few visits to snowbanks but no DNF’s for the day and as far as I know no flat tyres.  It’s interesting to note that the top four total times are 4WD Normally aspirated. Also note that the “Grand Total” is for the five best of six runs, I’ve included a total of all runs just for reference, and it shows we averaged about 15 minutes of seat time for the day.

Congratulations to Ian Wright for a storming drive to take first place in 2wd, and to everybody who braved the challenges of the day.

Huge thanks are due to the workers on a cold, damp day; Greg as Clerk and doing a lot of the organizing, Matt, Jeff, Kirk and Teresa for the setup on Friday, Darin doing scoring, Brian and Kyle at the finish, Jeff and Kurt alternating between the start and infield, Paul with the recovery truck at Alpha, Zoltan and his truck on the oval, Teresa doing registration, and the other Teresa doing photos.

Also, a big thank you to David at Humberstone Speedway for letting us play and Al for his time on the loader. Our next rallycross is scheduled for June 9th.

PosDriverVehicleClassCPos .Stage # 1. Stage # 2. Stage # 3 .Stage # 4 .Stage # 5 .Stage # 6. Best 5 of 6 .All Runs
1James Houghton2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN102:18.402:18.702:15.102:25.202:19.102:41.311:36.514:17.8   
2John Paul Ells2004 Subaru Impreza TS4wdN202:18.202:22.702:16.102:17.802:21.902:22.711:36.713:59.4   
3Randal Zimmer2014 Subaru Outback4wdN302:26.802:24.202:27.202:23.302:23.202:24.612:02.114:29.3   
4Tyler Devenyi2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN402:27.402:23.602:23.302:22.002:26.802:28.112:03.114:31.2   
5Yoshio Kinoshita2005 Subaru Impreza4wdF102:25.102:27.502:27.302:30.102:35.402:36.612:25.415:02.0   
6Ian Wright2002 Volkswagen Golf GTi2wd102:28.702:27.002:25.702:32.102:34.902:36.912:28.415:05.3   
7Colin King2003 Subaru Impreza4wdN502:28.402:27.102:32.702:31.102:32.602:34.412:31.915:06.3   
8Hiroki Kinoshita2003 Subaru Impreza4wdF202:28.902:29.802:28.902:31.802:40.202:47.912:39.615:27.5   
9Adam Poll2007 Subaru Legacy4wdN602:29.802:30.102:31.302:44.302:42.602:39.012:52.815:37.1   
10Sab Okazaki2014 Subaru Outback4wdN702:41.002:40.502:30.602:31.402:38.502:59.313:02.016:01.3   
11Sean McConnachie2014 Ford Fiesta ST2wd202:31.402:29.702:34.302:41.102:42.902:47.913:06.215:47.3   
12Brandon Shaver1990 Audi Coupe Quattro4wdN802:39.602:38.702:32.102:38.802:39.202:47.313:08.415:55.7   
13Brandon Pace2003 Nissan Sentra2wd302:35.602:34.502:40.302:36.504:00.002:45.513:12.417:12.4   
14Clayton McIntyreSubaru Impreza4wdN902:40.402:37.602:35.802:41.002:44.402:44.013:18.816:03.2   
15Andrew Marek2006 Mitsubishi Ralliart2wd402:37.702:39.102:36.302:43.802:46.202:44.713:21.616:07.8   
16Grant Rawcliffe2003 Nissan Sentra2wd502:43.802:36.702:37.503:41.402:47.102:44.113:29.217:10.6   
17Ricky SavageSubaru Impreza4wdN1002:37.202:43.702:42.502:38.302:35.802:55.413:34.616:12.9   
18Paul Cary1995 Plymouth Neon2wd602:35.502:45.302:44.202:45.002:46.302:50.013:36.316:26.3   
19Justin Zammit1990 Audi Coupe Quattro4wdN1102:43.302:51.402:49.702:35.702:53.602:44.213:44.316:37.9   
20Antony Sorrentino2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN1202:40.302:40.702:45.202:48.102:50.404:00.013:44.717:44.7   
21Joe Penny2002 Subaru WRX4wdF302:55.202:50.902:47.102:48.502:51.602:52.214:10.317:05.5   
22Ivan Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1302:52.902:52.202:48.602:50.502:49.802:50.414:11.517:04.4   
23Patrick Logan2003 Subaru WRX4wdF402:45.702:53.302:53.502:49.902:50.204:00.014:12.618:12.6   
24Caleb Jukes2003 Subaru Impreza4wdN1402:57.902:47.502:56.602:55.302:57.502:53.614:30.517:28.4   
25Jarod Newns1998 Chev Cavalier Z242wd702:50.302:48.804:00.002:58.303:07.502:50.214:35.118:35.1   
26Masami Kinoshita2004 Subaru Impreza4wdF502:54.802:52.102:55.302:48.803:13.104:00.014:44.118:44.1   
27Matt Tregunno2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN1502:47.602:55.502:54.604:00.002:56.203:21.714:55.618:55.6   
28Polina Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1603:13.702:54.002:58.403:03.303:05.702:58.314:59.718:13.4   
29Scott Comens1995 Plymouth Neon2wd802:32.604:00.004:00.003:04.302:47.202:42.215:06.319:06.3   
30Damian Pissarouk2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN1703:16.303:10.203:24.002:58.203:01.403:01.815:41.718:51.9   
31Phil Hooper1973 Ford Capri2wd903:28.003:42.604:25.203:23.303:28.603:42.917:45.422:10.6   
32Gord Olmstead1973 Ford Capri2wd1003:27.504:00.003:12.104:00.003:51.803:15.117:46.521:46.5