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Results from RallyCross #3, July 27, 2019
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OA Pos'nDriverVehicleClassCPosAX1AX2AX3AX4AX5AX6Total TimePenaltiesGrand TotalSeat time
1Masami Kinoshita2004 Subaru4wdN102:13.002:14.402:05.302:24.802:12.802:07.310:52.8-10:52.813:17.6
2Gary Sutherland2000 Ford Focus ZX32wd102:07.402:19.402:07.202:27.902:12.602:09.210:55.8-10:55.813:23.7
3Jason Ronza2001 Subaru 2.5 RS4wdN202:09.602:30.202:15.102:24.502:15.002:06.411:10.6-11:10.613:40.8
4Brandon Pace2003 Nissan Sentra2wd202:11.302:21.002:10.002:29.202:17.302:14.611:14.2-11:14.213:43.4
5Hiroki Kinoshita2004 Subaru4wdN302:09.702:32.202:11.002:35.002:16.402:09.911:19.2-11:19.213:54.2
6Saburo Okazaki2014 Subaru Outback4wdN402:14.402:20.702:12.202:30.702:19.802:14.411:21.5-11:21.513:52.2
7Eric Vanderwal2005 Mazda RX-82wd302:12.502:24.702:17.202:32.902:18.202:09.911:22.5-11:22.513:55.4
8Jan Groen2014 Ford Fiesta2wd402:16.102:26.602:14.702:31.102:20.002:11.811:29.2-11:29.214:00.3
9Darin Mayes2006 Subaru Impreza RS4wdN502:16.802:21.203:00.002:23.902:15.002:13.311:30.2-11:30.214:30.2
10Justin Zammit1990 Audi Coupe Quattro4wdN602:17.002:24.102:15.902:28.902:18.102:16.011:31.1-11:31.114:00.0
11Mike Hummel2006 Mitsubishi Ralliart2wd502:13.402:29.002:15.502:28.802:18.902:15.011:31.6-11:31.614:00.6
12Randy Weatherhead2004 Subaru WRX4wdF102:19.502:20.802:14.202:25.502:23.302:15.311:33.1-11:33.113:58.6
13Clayton McIntyre2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN702:19.32:02.9*02:17.202:30.702:18.302:16.711:14.42011:34.413:45.1
14Matt Tregunno2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN802:11.402:29.802:13.802:29.62:25.6*02:14.811:39.4-11:39.414:05.0
15Damian Pissarouk2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN902:15.202:18.102:34.702:25.202:16.62:16.5*11:49.8-11:49.814:06.3
16Philip Hummel2006 Mitsubishi Ralliart2wd602:24.502:28.302:19.802:32.902:24.902:18.511:56.0-11:56.014:28.9
17Ivan Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1002:19.32:20.1*02:18.102:34.702:22.402:21.611:56.1-11:56.114:16.2
18Martin Hubert2000 Honda Civic DX2wd72:18.5*02:29.402:14.502:26.902:23.902:22.011:56.7-11:56.714:15.2
19Eric Vlasic2000 Subaru WRX4wdF21:53.3*2:35.9*02:11.52:24.3*02:14.802:15.710:59.601:00.011:59.613:35.5
20Jordan Dickieson2000 Honda Civic DX2wd81:55.0*02:30.92:17.1*02:37.102:21.802:19.511:44.32012:04.314:01.4
21Grant Rawcliffe2003 Nissan Sentra2wd902:17.002:35.42:18.3*02:36.202:19.802:17.512:05.9-12:05.914:24.2
22Everett Flemming2004 Subaru WRX4wdF302:20.102:35.202:18.003:10.602:35.502:17.212:06.0-12:06.015:16.6
23Noah Bartlett2001 Subaru Impreza RS4wdN1102:24.202:28.802:23.202:41.102:30.702:21.012:07.9-12:07.914:49.0
24Tyler Thompson1999 Volkswagen golf2wd102:15.4*02:44.002:17.702:40.702:24.302:19.611:57.72012:17.714:41.7
25Yoshio Kinoshita1985 Toyota MR22wd1102:21.302:31.202:19.402:39.402:29.203:00.012:20.5-12:20.515:20.5
26John Gerryts2014 Ford Fiesta2wd1202:18.902:44.402:22.502:42.302:22.82:20.2*12:06.72012:26.714:51.1
27Ian Mason2015 Audi A3 Quattro4wdF402:19.202:52.602:22.402:47.902:34.302:34.912:38.7-12:38.715:31.3
28Ian Wright2002 VW Golf GTi2wd132:40.6*02:37.602:15.002:40.702:25.103:00.012:58.4-12:58.415:39.0
29Mark Toufanov2001 Jaguar XJR2wd142:01.0*02:44.62:22.6*03:07.602:48.902:23.112:20.24013:00.215:27.8
30Andrew Marek2006 Subaru Impreza RS4wdN1202:39.502:55.002:16.22:27.7*02:24.303:00.012:42.72013:02.715:42.7
31Jim Morton2008 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd1502:21.302:37.502:24.603:00.003:00.003:00.013:23.4-13:23.416:23.4
32Rajan Brar2004 Subaru WRX4wdF503:00.002:42.402:27.202:42.202:33.503:00.013:25.3-13:25.316:25.3
33Lauren Morton2008 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd1602:17.102:25.203:00.003:00.003:00.003:00.013:42.3-13:42.316:42.3
34Kiyomi Kinoshita1990 Mazda MX5 Miata2wd1702:37.303:00.502:32.02:58.5*02:42.803:00.013:52.6-13:52.616:51.1
35Emi Kinoshita1990 Mazda MX5 Miata2wd182:12.2*2:38.1*2:34.0*03:12.12:47.6*03:00.013:11.901:20.014:31.916:24.0

Series scores and how they are calculated are here

Another Rallycross in the books and our experiment with trying an evening run. The hope was to help the track stay moist and reduce dust. That didn’t work out as well as I’d liked; we had to do more watering than I wanted and we couldn’t schedule the watering to have a reverse order after one of them. Some liked running after dark, some not.

For the workers it was a long day, we were at the track at 9:00AM and left at 11:00PM. Add some time on Friday and the cleanup Sunday morning and it takes a couple of days to recover.

For August 17 we are going back to 9:00AM registration and being done by ~3:30. We’ll hope for favourable winds a light rain in the early morning.

We had some problems getting going in the afternoon when the internet connection we need for scoring failed. We’re using a Turbo Stick registered to my account which should be fine. However I have another Turbo Stick running a weather station in Goderich and it clicked over the monthly data limit just at that time. That froze all my accounts until I noticed and authorized the extra costs. By the time Darin figured it out he had his phone tethered and we used it. We still sucked up a lot of data, probably because it’s a new laptop and still full of bloatware. One more thing to fix. Darin was also trying out a split timing system but we didn’t get consistent results, probably a bug in the code. We’ll try again.

We’re also working on driving the POE devices from battery boxes so we can eliminate the extension cords. The system is evolving.

I think the BBQ for supper was OK, now to add Ice Cream…

Thank you to all the workers who facilitate the fun. Jeff for his course layout, Matt & John for doing much of the actual work on the course. Christina did registration and scoring, Gary was chief marshall, Jeff was marshalling and taking pictures, and others in the field were Gord, Justin & Paul. Clerks were Greg & Vasu, Teresa M helped out in various roles and Teresa V was registration, cook and general labour. Cheryl helped with registration and also help put supper together. We couldn’t do it without all of you.

Also a big thank-you to Dave for letting us use his facility and helping out however he could. You couldn’t ask for a more cooperative owner.

See most of you on Aug. 17.