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RallyCross #3 & BBQ

Event Date

23 Sep 2023

9:00 AM to 5:30PM

Event Location

Eagles Nest MX Park

Organizing Club


Thursday Sept. 21 Update

Hello everybody

The start order with car numbers is in the scoring link below. If you want to make your own car numbers that’s fine, otherwise I’ll have paper copies at the start. The entry list is longer than usual at 39 cars, mostly due to the cancellation of the August event. If you can’t make it to the event please let me know.
Scoring will be at   We are providing lunch about 12:30 and the lunch break will be a bit longer with the size of the entry. I’ll make the call in the morning but lunch will be either after the third or fourth run, however as soon as you have finished your run you can come and get lunch. We’re doing burgers and sausages (I think) and it’s better if the crowd is spaced out a bit. I will have some water and soft drinks there, if you want to bring your own snacks and drinks that’s fine as well. Some camping chairs are nice to have as well.
We have some new people coming out so let’s welcome them. For those that haven’t been to our track before the driveway from the road is quite narrow over the (deep) culvert so make sure you are lined up before making your turn.
When you arrive check in with me so I can make sure all the paperwork is in place, get your numbers and then go out and recce the course (Slowly) We are running in a clockwise direction this time and the track is wider than before with the modifications the truck people did for their postponed event. At the edges of the track there are places that have a 150mm berm from the bulldozer work, it’s not too bad but if you run a wheel up on it that could unbalance your car so stay off them. We’ve set up a few cones to keep people from cutting the corners or getting on the berms and we will be enforcing the penalties for cones for that reason. The entry to the flying finish is a bit tricky and the stop box is fairly short. You don’t actually have to stop in the box but please do exit at a controlled speed like 20km/hr as you will be coming into the pit area with lots of people and cars around.
When Jeff and I were at the track on Saturday it was fairly smooth and quite dusty. The only areas that were rougher were on the outside at the bottom of the hill at the north end and the persistent water at the hairpin around Guy’s tree. When you recee you can see these areas and make your plan on your fastest route around them. The track still flows nicely. I’ll be out to do some final setup on Friday afternoon and will send out an email if any last minute changes happen. I expect it will be quite dusty but I’m hoping the wind keeps the dust away from the houses.
I should be ready to do check registrations by about 8:15 on Saturday morning.  With the larger than normal field we’d like to get going soon after 9:00 and be finished for the day by 3PM. If you have time, some help picking up the cones and packing up would be appreciated. If you are paying by credit card I won’t process them until Sunday, if you are paying by Interac you can send that anytime but I may not get them processed until Sunday.
Our next rallycross has been moved from Oct. 14 to Oct. 21 since the track has a big motorcycle event on the 14th. If Oct. 21 is too wet we’ll try again on Oct.28. I’ll get the web page setup and registration on MSR will open on Tuesday Sept. 26 at 7:00AM
Any questions, let me know.

Update Friday Aug. 18     

Event Postponed to Sept. 23

The track had a lot of rain on Thursday night and there is more rain possible today, It’s cool with a high of 19, a bit better on Saturday but I don’t think the ground will be dry enough to run on either Saturday or Sunday. 

I hate having to cancel the event when so many have been looking forward to it. What would be  even worse is you rent trailers and get there just to find out you’ll get stuck in the driveway.  However, the decision is not to have the rallycross and BBQ this weekend.

We can’t run on the Aug. 26 weekend as an off road event is happening then, lots of people have other plans for the labour day weekend. Sept. 9 is the Free Flow invitationalPMSC has a rallycross on Sept. 16 &  MLRC on September 17 at Free Flow so the best we can do is reconvene on our next scheduled date of September 23. 

If you are entered for this weekend you’ll automatically get a spot for September 23, I’ll change the dates on the MSR page so if you can make that date you don’t need to do anything. If you can’t make the new date please let me know and I’ll delete your entry. Only a couple of people have paid in advance and I’ll get their refunds sorted out. No credit cards have been charged yet and won’t be until we get an event that actually runs. 
I’m sorry that  we had to cancel, it looked like such a fun weekend coming up. 
Let me know if you have any questions. 


We’re going to hold a rallycross on Saturday August 19, 2023 at our Eagles Nest track. It will event #3 in our championship series and is also part of the Ontario RallyCross Championship.  After the RallyCross we’ll have our annual BBQ to which all members and competitors & their families are invited. A form to let us know how many are coming just for the BBQ is here.

After the competition the track will be open to give rides to family and friends as long as helmets are worn and waivers are signed. Some may want to drive the track at reduced speeds just to see what it’s like.

Rallycross headquarters will be located at the Eagles Nest RallyCross track
1513A Seneca Rd.
Ohsweken, ON
N0A 1M0
GPS:  43.07324, -80.14716

Here are the Sup Regs RC Eagles SR , 2023

A few details for those that don’t want to read the regs:

Registration is via MotorSportReg and opens at 7:00AM on Saturday July 22, 2023.

Waivers are now by the online SpeedWaiver which you can either complete with a smart phone when entering. Or use our annual waiver and just do it once and its valid to the end of 2023. Contact me if you have trouble with that. Everybody on the property needs to have a completed the waiver. We’re not allowed to use paper anymore.

The online self declaration is here or fill out the paper form KWRC Vehicle Self Declaration R4

Lunch will be a short break so the workers have time to refresh with the BBQ immediately after the competition.  Bring your own drinks, snacks & sunscreen.

We’ll need help getting the cones and arrows set up in the morning and taken down in the afternoon. We may adjust the course during the day or even run it in the opposite direction. If we do that we’ll score every run, not drop your worst run. Hopefully we don’t have to adjust the course, it held up pretty well so far.

We’ll probably only use the East field so the dust isn’t as bad near the houses. I’ll get this drawing updated closer to the event.



Event Organizers

Event Forms

We've posted the essential and good to have forms in .pdf format so you can read them and fill them out ahead of time if needed. This could be important if you plan to run with a minor for whom who you do not have guardianship authority or if you want to register before the event.

MSR RegistrationAnnual Waiver