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2022 Saturday Night At The Rallies Series

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 2022 Saturday Night At The Rallies Series

This is a series of  navigational rallies aimed at beginner level and a little more advanced competitors. The events are about 100 km long and take two to three hours. Anyone can enter, there is no need to join a club. You just need a driver, navigator and a licenced vehicle.

We are making a series out of the events we can run, it’s all been a bit confusing for the past two years.

For 2022 the events are on the following dates, the dates and locations are tentative.

Saturday April 16, running out of Baden

Saturday, May 7, part of the Blossom Rally ORRC.

Saturday, July 23, (Tentative)

Saturday Oct. 1 with Automapic ORRC

Saturday Nov. 19 with Northern Lights ORRC

Entry fees are normally $20.00 per car. Instructions are simple, average speeds are well below the posted limits and most of the roads are paved.

Navigational rallying involves following the assigned route at the average speeds given and arriving at checkpoints along the way at the correct time. The locations of the checkpoints are not given in the instructions.

When you arrive at a checkpoint your time is taken as you pass the control board. You then pull off the road and go back on foot to the control and get you sticker with the arrival and leaving times. The time early or late from the calculated ideal time is your penalty. Once you have got your time into a control your penalty is set; you can’t erase that penalty by driving faster or slower on the way to the next checkpoint.

In general we are using the standard rules for rallying in Ontario, but as these are short rallies we have a adjusted the length odometer check and made some other allowances. Typically at team consists of two people but we will allow more people in the car for these events. All who participate will be required to sign a waiver.

If you would like to see a sample set of instructions, they are posted here on a Google drive.

For more information:
Martin Loveridge 519 485 2131