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Results from RallyCross #4, August 18, 2018

All the detailed results are at

PosCar #DriverVehicleClassCPosRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6TimePenalties Total.Seat Time
133Masami Kinoshita2005 Subaru Impreza4wdF102:16.701:52.201:23.301:15.001:14.701:12.406:57.6-06:57.6.09:14.3
23Yoshio Kinoshita2007 Subaru4wdN102:24.601:56.501:19.801:19.901:15.301:13.607:05.1-07:05.1.09:29.7
328Jason Ronza2001 Subaru 2.5 RS4wdN202:27.501:46.601:25.001:22.701:17.201:14.407:05.9-07:05.9.09:33.4
427Adam Poll2007 Subaru Legacy4wdN302:31.201:51.401:26.401:21.001:16.501:13.607:08.9-07:08.9.09:40.1
510Zoltan Kovacs2008 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd102:52.201:52.101:25.901:23.301:18.001:15.207:14.5-07:14.5.10:06.7
617Brandon Pace2003 Nissan Sentra2wd202:24.001:54.501:27.501:23.101:17.701:14.407:17.2-07:17.2.09:41.2
732Antony Sorrentino2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN402:15.501:51.401:29.801:25.801:18.601:16.207:21.8-07:21.8.09:37.3
81Eric VlasicSubaru WRX4wdF202:12.101:45.701:12.101:11.401:07.101:06.006:22.301:00.007:22.3.08:34.4
934Andriy Levin1992 BMW 3252wd302:28.201:49.901:30.501:26.801:22.501:16.507:26.2-07:26.2.09:54.4
1021Martin Hubert2000 Honda2wd402:32.201:59.401:27.701:26.201:17.301:18.007:28.6-07:28.6.10:00.8
1119Paul Cary1995 Plymouth Neon2wd502:28.301:54.301:30.501:24.901:21.801:18.807:30.3-07:30.3.09:58.6
1231Drew Sider1999 Subaru Impreza4wdF302:15.801:50.901:33.601:24.701:22.201:19.807:31.2-07:31.2.09:47.0
1335Darin MayesHonda Civic2wd602:30.101:55.601:31.801:29.001:26.501:18.307:41.2-07:41.2.10:11.3
146Jordan Dickieson2000 Honda2wd703:25.102:03.401:32.101:29.601:20.301:16.507:41.9-07:41.9.11:07.0
1515Peter Mucha2003 Volkswagen Golf2wd802:57.702:03.201:32.401:29.101:23.101:18.807:46.6-07:46.6.10:44.3
164Scott Comens1995 Plymouth Neon2wd902:38.901:52.401:20.801:19.901:20.501:15.207:55.3-07:55.3.09:47.7
1729David Bell2006 Mazda Mazda3 Sport GT2wd1003:00.002:00.201:36.701:33.301:27.801:23.008:01.0-08:01.0.11:01.0
1813Sean McConnachie2014 Ford Fiesta ST2wd1102:39.302:03.401:28.001:22.701:19.001:12.908:01.9-08:01.9.10:05.3
1911Frank de KatHonda Civix2wd1202:58.902:06.101:35.001:34.601:27.401:25.208:08.3-08:08.3.11:07.2
2012Andrew Marek1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS4wdN502:47.701:59.001:31.901:22.801:18.601:16.508:17.5-08:17.5.10:16.5
2116Sab Okazaki2014 Subaru Outback4wdN602:25.301:56.801:24.001:22.201:19.801:16.507:19.301:00.008:19.3.09:44.6
2225Elia Semenov2008 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd1302:20.801:50.101:31.501:27.001:22.601:17.508:26.9-08:26.9.09:49.5
2324Ricky Savage2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN702:37.903:00.001:42.401:33.501:20.901:21.108:35.8-08:35.8.11:35.8
2420Polina Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN803:42.702:23.001:44.001:37.601:29.701:26.908:41.2-08:41.2.12:23.9
259Clayton McIntyre2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN902:49.203:00.001:46.801:35.201:19.501:20.508:51.2-08:51.2.11:51.2
265Ivan Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1003:06.702:23.301:36.001:35.601:26.201:18.209:02.7-09:02.7.11:26.0
2718Hiroki Kinoshita2003 Subaru4wdF402:14.501:53.401:22.601:23.101:19.401:28.608:13.001:00.009:13.0.09:41.6
2830John Gerryts2014 Ford Fiesta2wd1403:00.002:18.602:01.901:55.601:39.201:33.809:29.1-09:29.1.12:29.1
2914Ian Wright2002 Volkswagen Golf Gti2wd1502:48.803:00.001:30.903:00.001:23.601:19.510:02.8-10:02.8.13:02.8
302Grant Rawcliffe2003 Nissan Sentra2wd1602:51.102:00.901:56.801:56.701:31.001:34.108:59.502:00.010:59.5.11:50.6
3122Gord Olmstead1973 Ford Capri2wd1702:48.901:55.001:36.603:00.003:00.003:00.012:20.5-12:20.5.15:20.5
3223Emi Kinoshita1990 Mazda MX5 Miata2wd1803:00.002:10.901:39.701:37.401:29.101:37.109:23.303:00.012:23.3.11:34.2
3326Damian Pissarouk2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN1103:00.002:03.703:00.003:00.001:26.701:22.111:48.801:00.012:48.8.13:52.5
348Kiyomi Kinoshita1990 Mazda MX5 Miata2wd1904:01.002:19.501:52.701:46.001:54.601:39.311:13.603:00.014:13.6.13:33.1
357Phil Hooper1973 Ford Capri2wd2003:45.302:19.703:00.003:00.003:00.003:00.014:19.7-14:19.7.18:05.0


Another interesting RallyCross is in the books. It seems there are challenges all the time. At 9PM on Friday I was at the track and it was dusty and dry as it had been all afternoon. I was tired, slept fairly well overnight and the air conditioner in my room was noisy but apparently it rained. A lot. That was evident when I got to the track and saw the new “Lake Humberstone”  in the infield. The track owners tell me they’ve never seen so much water. There was a river running out of the gate.

I knew the that the parts we were running would get better during the day as long as we didn’t get more rain. We let the competitors take a bunch of orientation laps to make the course as clear as possible and help in the drying process. The course was shorter than usual without the use of the infield and big track but we started off doing two laps of the small oval and added some distance in the paddock to get back as much as possible.  After a couple of runs I decided to only do one loop of the small track since we were getting behind and wouldn’t make six runs.

As it turned out, dropping the extra lap caused problems later in the day; we score all your runs and drop your worst run, but the early runs were so much slower and they were almost certainly the ones that got dropped. If you hit a barrel later in the day that really hurt your score. The effect is that you really didn’t get to drop a run, however that did reward the people who had clean runs all day. In retrospect, I think I made the correct decision to change the course but there are always implications.

I know Teresa and I spent most of Sunday washing the mud out of the cones, I’ll bet the cars took some work as well. Jeff and I spent 20 minutes and $20 at a car wash cleaning up the Honda. Hopefully you got your car cleaned  up as well,

I have to thank our incredible team of volunteers that really made the event work. Jeff transported the club car, set up on Friday, worked the field on Saturday and got the club car washed and home again. He took some great pictures you can see on our facebook page,

Greg was clerk for the day and also designed and set up the course. Gary was also working on setup and then flagging in the back field. Christina, as usual did a great job as registrar and then ran scoring for the day. Tim used Zoltan’s truck to do recovery and was flagging at Alpha, Dennis did finish line, Ian and Jackson the start. Vasu was studying to do the clerks job sometime and worked in the field flagging. Special thanks to Darin who oversaw scoring while also competing.

Our last rallycross is the Oct. 13/14 weekend, with a school on the Saturday and rallycross on Sunday. Since racing at the track will be over for the season we should be able to us the big track and infield again. We’ll get more details posted soon.