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Results from RallyCross #1, Feb. 9, 2019
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RallyCross #1, Feb. 9, 2019

PosCar #DriverVehicleClassCPosAX1AX2AX3AX4AX5AX6Total TimeSeat TimeGrand Total
123Darin Mayes2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN101:42.801:31.401:44.301:52.801:42.201:41.508:32.210:15.008:32.2
23Andrew Marek2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN201:37.701:38.401:46.702:29.901:48.301:41.208:32.311:02.208:32.3
312Adam Poll2007 Subaru Legacy4wdN301:37.301:39.301:52.601:56.201:44.301:41.308:34.810:31.008:34.8
420Herman Bogojavlenskis2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN401:37.901:39.701:47.501:57.001:49.001:47.408:41.510:38.508:41.5
55Ricky Savage2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN501:42.201:42.601:47.901:51.501:47.901:43.808:44.410:35.908:44.4
61Danil Yegorov2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN601:38.601:37.301:52.101:52.901:46.201:42.108:47.110:29.208:47.1
715Ian Mason2015 Audi A3 Quattro4wdF101:44.801:43.201:47.002:00.601:50.601:42.308:47.910:48.508:47.9
829Jason Ronza2001 Subaru 2.5 RS4wdN701:47.101:53.101:49.101:50.901:42.701:42.208:52.010:45.108:52.0
930Max Blackburn2010 Subaru Impreza4wdN801:44.101:46.501:52.001:53.001:47.601:45.008:55.210:48.208:55.2
1034Eric Vanderwal2005 Mazda RX-82wd101:44.901:59.501:49.701:54.801:45.301:45.909:00.611:00.109:00.6
1114Kirk Blackadar1995 Subaru Impreza4wdN901:44.701:45.901:49.501:53.801:47.001:48.709:00.910:49.609:00.9
1217Masami Kinoshita2005 Subaru Something4wdF201:41.801:55.501:54.401:57.001:46.901:43.509:02.110:59.109:02.1
1311Matt Tregunno2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN1001:57.101:45.101:49.701:57.901:47.401:43.309:02.611:00.509:02.6
1416Hiroki Kinoshita2003 Subaru4wdF301:48.301:46.401:51.902:03.901:49.001:50.409:06.011:09.909:06.0
1510Ian Wright2002 Volkswagen Golf GTi2wd201:43.401:47.601:52.302:09.701:55.601:49.109:08.011:17.709:08.0
168Yoshio Kinoshita2001 Toyota Celica2wd301:48.101:43.501:58.902:10.901:51.801:48.909:11.211:22.109:11.2
1726Lauren Morton2008 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd401:51.701:47.701:55.701:55.201:49.301:48.209:12.111:07.809:12.1
1828Neil Mentuch2002 Subaru Impreza RSTi4wdF401:51.201:50.601:52.801:56.601:47.601:51.709:13.911:10.509:13.9
1935Jordan Dickieson2000 Honda Civic DX2wd501:48.901:52.401:52.501:56.301:51.401:51.009:16.211:12.509:16.2
207Jim Morton2008 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd601:46.001:51.101:55.302:00.501:55.001:49.909:17.311:17.809:17.3
212Scott Comens1995 Plymouth Neon2wd701:45.501:49.601:54.801:59.601:56.801:52.009:18.711:18.309:18.7
2224Clayton McIntyre2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1101:45.201:52.401:48.801:53.501:47.201:46.509:00.110:53.609:20.1
239Mike Hummel2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart2wd801:46.801:48.501:57.601:59.101:56.001:51.609:20.511:19.609:20.5
2433Egor Bougaev2008 Honda Civic Si2wd901:46.301:55.601:53.101:57.51:47.7*01:51.609:24.111:11.809:24.1
2537Peter Mucha2003 Volkswagen Golf2wd1001:48.901:54.501:54.601:55.601:53.61:54.8*09:27.211:22.009:27.2
2627Emi Kinoshita2001 Toyota Celica2wd1101:57.401:47.201:54.901:57.901:55.801:59.909:33.211:33.109:33.2
2721Paul Cary1995 Plymouth Neon2wd1201:49.601:54.601:56.502:01.301:56.401:56.609:33.711:35.009:33.7
2818Martin Hubert2000 Honda civic dx2wd1301:47.701:52.101:52.702:00.202:01.51:50.2*09:34.211:24.409:34.2
2913Kiyomi Kinoshita2007 Subaru4wdN1202:03.301:49.401:57.702:12.601:53.501:50.609:34.511:47.109:34.5
3032Jan Groen2014 Ford Fiesta2wd1402:09.201:51.401:56.701:54.601:51.702:01.909:36.311:45.509:36.3
3119Mark Toufanov2001 Jaguar XJR2wd1502:05.301:57.302:01.002:08.502:04.001:58.110:05.712:14.210:05.7
3225Gord Olmstead1973 Ford Capri2wd1602:19.302:09.102:02.302:06.701:58.902:05.510:22.512:41.810:22.5
336Phil Hooper1973 Ford Capri2wd1702:06.702:06.702:14.802:35.402:15.802:09.610:53.613:29.010:53.6

Results from RallyCross #1A, Feb. 10, 2019
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RallyCross #1A Feb. 10, 2019

PosCar #DriverVehicleClassCPosAX1AX2AX3AX4AX5AX6Total TimeSeat TimeGrand Total
14Andrew Marek2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN101:31.101:34.201:33.401:37.001:38.901:46.807:54.609:41.407:54.6
21Herman Bogojavlenskis2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN201:33.401:32.201:33.201:39.501:43.501:53.808:01.809:55.608:01.8
37Matt Tregunno2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN301:34.001:35.001:35.601:36.401:41.501:59.808:02.510:02.308:02.5
417Darin Mayes2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN401:32.601:35.301:34.401:47.401:41.701:50.108:11.410:01.508:11.4
514Danil Yegorov2005 Subaru Impreza4wdN501:30.701:39.601:36.301:38.501:53.001:53.908:18.110:12.008:18.1
612Joe Penney2002 Subaru WRX4wdF101:31.501:46.501:35.901:40.401:46.501:50.708:20.810:11.508:20.8
75Tyler Thompson1999 Volkswagen Golf2wd101:34.601:39.001:38.701:42.601:46.301:51.408:21.210:12.608:21.2
86Peter Thom2000 Subaru Legacy4wdN601:37.401:37.201:37.201:41.301:41.401:46.108:23.410:00.608:23.4
922Colin KingSubaru Legacy 3.6R4wdN701:38.401:35.201:37.301:41.001:52.101:58.508:24.010:22.508:24.0
1019Eric Vanderwal2005 Mazda RX-82wd201:36.101:35.201:39.501:43.501:49.901:54.708:24.210:18.908:24.2
119Sab Okazaki2014 Subaru Outback4wdN801:33.201:35.501:35.701:42.801:51.401:57.808:25.010:16.408:25.0
1210David Florez2018 Subaru Crosstrek4wdN901:42.601:40.201:41.401:45.201:47.901:55.808:37.310:33.108:37.3
1327Kirk Blackadar1996 Subaru Impreza4wdN1001:34.401:41.301:39.901:43.501:47.901:55.208:40.910:22.208:40.9
142Ivan Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1101:46.401:44.001:41.401:42.301:46.801:56.508:40.910:37.408:40.9
1511Daniel Sorrentino2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1201:45.301:41.701:42.301:44.801:50.101:56.308:44.210:40.508:44.2
1613Justin Thomson2004 Subaru Impreza4wdF201:40.001:36.901:47.601:44.601:55.602:18.408:44.711:03.108:44.7
1726Mike Hummel2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart2wd301:40.101:41.001:44.601:46.401:53.002:05.008:45.110:50.108:45.1
1818Fred Hagell1999 Volkswagen Golf2wd401:39.401:42.601:50.201:47.001:50.001:57.308:49.210:46.508:49.2
1924Rajan Brar2012 Volkswagen Jetta2wd501:40.501:48.201:42.801:45.801:53.102:07.708:50.410:58.108:50.4
2016Alex Thorburn2006 Mazda3 Sport GT2wd601:43.801:49.401:39.301:48.201:55.402:01.508:56.110:57.608:56.1
2121Caleb Jukes1997 Subaru Legacy Wagon4wdN1301:48.201:46.601:43.501:45.801:52.101:59.608:56.210:55.808:56.2
223David Bell2006 Mazda3 Sport GT2wd701:37.301:39.401:41.201:45.801:57.501:56.608:40.310:37.809:00.3
2320Robert Petrican2012 Subaru Impreza4wdN1401:43.501:41.501:46.101:51.502:02.302:07.209:04.911:12.109:04.9
2425Hassan Gondal2014 Mitsubishi Lancer2wd801:44.801:46.801:49.301:52.001:59.22:05.5*09:12.111:17.609:12.1
258Damian Pissarouk2004 Subaru Impreza4wdN1501:49.801:52.401:50.401:52.001:52.501:53.609:17.111:10.709:17.1
2623Antony SorrentinoMazda Miata2wd901:40.001:42.601:51.701:55.902:00.102:06.009:20.411:16.309:20.4
2715Polina Sergeyenko2007 Subaru Impreza4wdN1601:58.501:43.001:47.802:00.701:57.702:01.409:27.711:29.109:27.7

Series scores and how they are calculated are here

We ended up with a two day event with the huge response when registration opened for our Feb. 9th  event. As you know, we try to keep the number of cars entered to around 35; it gives the best chance of the most seat time with not too much waiting around between runs. When we hit sixty entries the executive decided to add a second day. It was possible as the track doesn’t operate this time of year, we expect cold weather so the course shouldn’t deteriorate too much, we had the porta-potties for the weekend anyway and the course could stay set up overnight on Saturday so Sunday setup would be minimal.

Although cold and windy the weekend went very well. The previous  Wednesday it was raining, on Tuesday night it should be raining again so we got lucky the track was mostly frozen. We did get a bit of mud both days but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

The completion was incredibly tight. On Saturday the overall winners were Darin and Andrew, (4wdN) using the same car and ending 0.1 seconds apart, with Adam in third 2.5, seconds adrift or 0.4 seconds per run. Ian Mason took the Audi to the win in 4wdF. We had 17 cars in 2wd and Eric Vanderwal won the class in his rear drive RX8, and it was his first rallycross. Ian Wright came second and Yoshio was third. Another notable drive was Lauren Morten also in her first event, coming fourth just 0.9 seconds behind Yoshio. There were five Kinoshitas running that day!

Sunday was another good day with Andrew coming first overall by a seven second margin. Andrew attributes his improvement in pace to the school Jeff organized last fall and Randy Zimmer’s coaching in particular. Joe Penny took first 4wdF even after breaking a halfshaft early on and really being 2wd. Tyler Thompson won in 2wd and Eric came second. I’m amazed at the level of competition we have now.

The star drivers of the weekend have to Andrew Marek, Darin Mayes, Eric Vanderwal and Tyler Thompson . Great work all.

Of course we needed volunteers to make the event work and as usual club members stepped up. Ivan and Polina worked on Saturday and competed Sunday, Gord and Phil did the reverse. Matt and Kirk came on Friday to help with a very cold setup day and also helped out while running both days. Rounding out Saturday?s crew were Doug Green, Justin and Greg as Clerk. Dennis took on Clerk for Sunday and Frank took a field position.

After spending the previous weekend crewing at Pierce Neige, Zotan spent both Saturday and Sunday working the Rallycross. Brandon had hoped to run but car availability was a problem so he generously worked both days wherever needed. Sean isn?t running as many events this year so he did the cold but critical job of running the start line both days.

Darin’s timing system is really good but he wants to enter more events so Liam took over scoring for both days and did setup on Friday. It was handy having Darin available when the inevitable scoring glitch comes up but we all owe Liam thanks for his three days of hard work.

In the background was Christina, looking after registrations from afar and helping to shoulder that load. There are the two almost hidden stars from the weekend; they both worked all three days, Jeff and Teresa. You won’t find a more dedicated bunch making all our club events happen. Thank you all.