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Event Date

18 Mar 2023

4:00PM to 8:00PM

Event Location

Drumbo Rd and Hwy 401

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Saturday Night at the Rallies Series

Too Early for Tulips

SNATR, or Saturday Night at the Rallies, are beginner level naviational rallies, about 2.5 hours long, often with a short break in the middle. See the route notes at the bottom of this page. 

When: Saturday March 18, 2023

Registration opens at 3:00PM
First car out at 4:01PM
Mid-point break at about 5:15PM
Finish about 6:45

Drumbo Service Centre
Hwy. 401 & Drumbo Rd.  Exit 250
GPS 43.230434, -80.605895

The Shell has gas and an EV “Charging Point” EV Fast DC  Charging Station behind the building.  The building also has a Wendys, Subway, Steakhouse Restaurant and a large Convenience store. Several Rest rooms.

East Side Mario’s
Hwy. 401 & Hwy. 59 in Woodstock
555 Norwich Ave, Woodstock, ON N4V 1C7

Cost is $20 per car. You can pay by E-transfer to, bring cash or use a credit card at

Please fill out this simple form so we know how many sets of instructions to print.

Make sure you bring your valid vehicle ownership and insurance slips with you to the start, as well as a permission letter if you are not the owner of the vehicle.
Check out the brief overview of navigational rallying

Here are some sample instructions.

For more information:
Martin Loveridge  519 485 2131

Update – March 18, 2023 6:45AM

Hello everybody, here are a few notes for this afternoon’s navigational rally.

First of all I want to thank Phil & Gord for all their hard work creating this rally and Roger for checking it over. I think you’ll enjoy it with the instructions being a bit more challenging than some but still not too hard. If you are new to rally we’d be happy to go over how things work before the start, just get there a bit early so we have time to do that.
Registration opens at 3:00PM, the first car is out at 4:01. There is a 10 minute break at about 5:15  and the rally is finished about 6:40.
At the start we’ll be inside the service centre in the Wendy’s. Depending on how busy the Tim’s in Ayr is I might do the route card swap outside in my Ford van, it’s big so you’ll be able to see it. If things are quiet I may be inside.
At the finish, East Side Mario’s in Woodstock, we have a room booked but there is another group using it and they might not be out until 7:30. I’ll take the route cards and do preliminary scoring outside in my van, you can head inside and just get a table wherever they can seat you. I’ll bring the results inside.
At the start you’ll get your instructions about 5 minutes before your out time which is based on your car number – Car 1 at 4:01, car 2 at 4:02 and so on. The zero your odo as you leave the driveway of the service centre and turn left onto Drumbo Rd / Rd. 3. At the break, Tim’s in Ayr, you enter the parking lot from the South but leave from the North driveway turning right.
All the checkpoints are timed to the second and scored to the 1/10 of a minute except for the break and the finish which are timed to the minute. If you don’t know what that means it’s not critically important but we can explain it at the start,
The roads have taken a beating with the recent freeze-thaw cycles but today’s colder weather will limit the amount of mud. Gord and Phil checked the entire route yesterday.
For the experienced crews there is a section of straight line segments; the instructions assume you will execute them going from bottom to top although that isn’t stated. There are no other corrections to either set of instructions at this time.
So far we have five cars signed up and I expect a few more, Here is the current start order:
Car 1 – Connie & David (E)
Car 2 – John & Barry (E)
Car 3 – George & Lee Ann (N)
Car 4 –  Kieran & Steve (N)
Car 5 – Daniel & Naseem (E)
For those that haven’t done the annual waiver you can fill it out on your phone here: or do a paper one at the start. We prefer the SpeedWaiver.
See you all this afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Event Essentials

  • $20 entry fee

Event Forms

We've posted the essential and good to have forms in .pdf format so you can read them and fill them out ahead of time if needed. This could be important if you plan to run with a minor for whom who you do not have guardianship authority or if you want to register before the event.

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