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RallyCross School, test day, SNATR & BBQ

Event Date

27 Aug 2022

9:00AM to 6:00PM

Event Location

Eagles Nest MX Park

Organizing Club


SEND IT! KWRC Advanced RallyCross Training and Practice Day, Aug 27 2022

For RallyX’rs that want to refine their skills and techniques with instruction from the top 4wd and 2wd competitors, KWRC is holding a training and practice day that will have experienced driving coaches available from 9:30-2:00 and open lapping from 2:00-5:00 on August 27 2022.
Instructors will be able to watch your progress through the course and suggest techniques to improve your times. They can also ride along with personal, and to be confirmed video, feedback of what a student wants to learn, refine and practice. We may have some video of your runs to see where you could attack a corner more efficiently and how to make your car more effective in attacking the course. Ride-alongs are possible. All the standard rallycross rules will be in effect such as helmets and minimum ages.
Lunch will be included for those that take the coaching sessions and lapping for which there will be a $80 fee, while lapping can had separately for $40. Registration will be open on MotorSportReg on August 13. There will be no charge for the BBQ, but everyone is encouraged to bringing their own lawn chairs, hydration and sunscreen!

Rallycross headquarters will be located at the Eagles Nest RallyCross track
1513A Seneca Rd.
Ohsweken, ON
N0A 1M0
GPS:  43.07324, -80.14716

Andrew Merek is coordinating the school and has instructors lined up. The instructors include Ian Wright, Murat Gunnerslan, Eric Vlassic, Gary Sutherland, Zoltan Kovacs and Darin Mayes. The format is not fixed – perhaps you want to have people watch you while you drive the course, or have one of the instructors ride along, or even have an instructor drive your car while you ride along. It’s whatever you and they are comfortable with.

The morning session will be the school part, sort of 9:30 to 2:00 and then from 2:00 to 5:00 it’s open lapping and testing, hopefully with the timing gear. It’s for your own edification, there won’t be any awards.

You have a choice, the school and lapping for $80 or just the open lapping for $40. We are allowing 20 participants for the school and a total of 30 for the afternoon lapping. We will give first chance at the lapping spots to the people taking the school. Lunch will be Pizza about noon.

Registration for both the school and lapping will be open on MSR on Saturday August 13 at 7:00 AM.

The short SNATR will start and finish at our track, the first car out will be at 3:01 and the route will be about 60km. We’ll probably do self administered checkpoints and some questions. It’ll be a bit different from a standard SNATR.

The BBQ will be about 5:00PM with burgers, sausages and corn. Obviously we don’t have the facilities that we did at Pinehurst so make sure you bring lawn chairs and your favorite beverages. There is no charge for the BBQ and you don’t have to participate in any of the day’s events to come along. Families are welcome.



Event Organizers

Event Essentials

  • $80 for school
  • BBQ is free

Event Forms

We've posted the essential and good to have forms in .pdf format so you can read them and fill them out ahead of time if needed. This could be important if you plan to run with a minor for whom who you do not have guardianship authority or if you want to register before the event.

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