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RallyCross 1A

Event Date

09 Feb 2020

9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Event Location

Port Colbourne

Organizing Club


Update Feb. 6 – Sunday Start Order Posted  Feb 9 Start Order R2

Update Feb. 1, General Notes (emailed to competitors)

We’re a week out from our next events but even with the lack of snow and cold weather we plan on running both days. The forecast for the end of next week looks like temperatures hovering around zero with some flurries. We can expect some mud and a bit of snow. I’m hoping Friday and Saturday night will be cold enough the get the ground relatively hard.

If the conditions are not to your liking and you want to withdraw for that or any other reason try to do it before Thursday. On Thursday Christina will start to process your credit cards and once charged, it’s more complicated to do refunds and you’d at least loose the 5% credit card fee.

No cards have been processed yet, the only people who have paid are those that have sent an Interac transfer.

It will be the usual format both days, Registration from 8:30 to 9:30, competitors meeting at 9:45 and runs starting about 10:00. Lunch will be after run three or four, about noon, and we should be done by 3:30.

As soon as you have signed the waiver, got your wristbands and car numbers you can go out on the track for your single recce lap. We let you go through the course slowly to learn where it goes instead of a parade lap. Maximum speed is 30km/hr and make your own gaps between cars. It’s reconnaissance, not practice, and we’ll have no problem excluding anybody who violates the rule. You can take passengers who have signed the waiver and helmets are not required for recce.

You will need to fill out a self declaration form for your car saying it is safe and your helmet meets the specifications. You can download the form and fill it out ahead of time. Please check the condition of your wheels and the torque on the studs or nuts, we’ve had a few wheels come off over the years and that could be a danger to the workers.

Please drive carefully and slowly in the service area. There are lots of people walking around and it would be prime place for an accident.

We are serving Chilli and rolls for lunch with some snack cakes for desert. I’m planning on having  coffee and hot water for making tea and hot chocolate available most of the day. We’ll also have some water and soft drinks around.  Bringing your own snacks is a good idea.

Nothing will be open at the track. We’ll have a couple of porta-potties set up but the only place to get out of the cold will be in your car or at Tim Hortons’s 3 km west of the track.

As usual, timing and scoring will be available on 

I’ll be making the start orders later in the week and will post them on the website. I’ll do my best to keep all the 2wd cars in a group so they all see similar conditions. Car sharing might mean adjustments  to give people time to swap drivers. Passengers are allowed as long as they have signed a waiver and have an appropriate helmet.
We’ve got 19 2wd out of 31 for Saturday and 16 2wd out of 30 for Sunday.

If you’ve got any questions just let us know and we’ll try to help out.

Update Feb. 1 – The Sunday event is now full at 30 entries so registration has been closed. Both Saturday and Sunday are full. 


Update Jan. 18 – We have enough entriies to run the Sunday event as well as Saturday. Currently there are 24 running on Sunday, 32 on Saturday. We will run both days. 

RallyCross 1A

If we have enough demand for the Saturday event  we’ll hold a second rallycross on Sunday Feb. 9, 2020. You can enter both days if you wish but then for you only Saturday would be eligible for series points – no second chances. We’ll do our best to find a way to equalize the times between the two days for series points.

Registration will open on Wednesday Jan. 8, 2020 at 6:00AM, More details soon.

RallyCross uses stock and slightly improved cars in timed competition on a gravel and dirt track (snow & ice?). More information will be added as the event date approaches.

The location is
New Humberstone Speedway
1716 Main St E.
Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V3
GPS 42.898846, ‐79.200793

Online registration will be available via  ( and will open on January 8 at 6:00AM.  We allow a maximum of 35 entries and car sharing will be accommodated where possible. After 35 entries we will start a wait list. KWRC members get  the first chance at the available spots up to January 30th, then we’ll open it up to everybody else. Members of KWRC get the reduced entry fee of $85.00, Others are $100.00

Sup Regs are here.   2020 KWRC RallyCross SR

Registration and scrutineering open at 9:00AM and close at 9:30AM followed by a competitors meeting. As soon as you are registerd you can go out on the track and complete a recce lap (slow speed, 25 km/h max) . We hope to get six runs in and be done about 3:30PM. Passengers are OK as long as they have a suitable helmet and sign the ASN_English_General_Waiver. People under the age of 18 need to have a signed ASN_English_Parental_Consent_Waiver.

Results will be posted at

Spectators are welcome, it’s free, but you must stay in the grandstand area. It has a pretty good view of the entire field.

The general track layout is below but we try to improve the layout each time There is a good chance there will be snow so we’ll have to make whatever course we can.   Check the web site as the date approaches,  wet weather can play havoc with the track and we may have to cancel. If you have any questions, email

RallyCross Track

RallyCross Track Layout


Event Organizers

Event Essentials

  • $85 / $100 Entry fee

Event Forms

We've posted the essential and good to have forms in .pdf format so you can read them and fill them out ahead of time if needed. This could be important if you plan to run with a minor for whom who you do not have guardianship authority or if you want to register before the event.

Self Declaration Form