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Rallycross #1 for 2021

Event Date

11 Sep 2021

9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Event Location

Near Brantford

Organizing Club


KWRC RallyCross #1 for 2021

Note! Track is wet, we will be running a shorter course for fun, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.   We will be timing, but it will not count in the championship. 

Sept. 10, 7:45PM

I got a text at noon today from the track and Kyle thought it was too wet to run on Saturday. Ian, Jeff & I went for a good look. It rained a lot yesterday and some of the sections we were going to use are completely flooded. 

The three of us wandered around for a while looking for a dry line we could string together and the short answer is Jeff found one. Jeff and Ian went around and put up our new marker stakes to define where the track goes while I got people to post on social media and the website.
What we have is different from what we had planned, probably closer to 1km rather than 1.5km we had before. It doesn’t run through any of the gumbo we had on the test days but there will still be a bit of mud splashing around. With the weather we had today the track dried considerably in the three hours we were there. We expect conditions will be better tomorrow morning and improve throughout the day.  
It’s not the rallycross we wanted but at least it’s still a rallycross. With the changes, we made the decision not to charge for running on Saturday, Most of you entered by credit card so we won’t process the charges. I have one Interac transfer to refund. That’s right, free. If you think the mud is too bad you don’t have to run. 
We’ll still have timed runs so you can compare how you are doing. 
So come out for a fun day making the best of what we have. It won’t be as polished an event as we’d like and we may have to get a few people to help prepare the track in the morning. If you just wanted to come for part of the day that’s OK as well. 
Everybody should bring some boots and sunscreen. The grass parking area is fairly wet as the track drains through there, pick your spot carefully and try not to tear up the grass. We had thought to use the large grassy area closer to the road but I left tracks when I drove through it so perhaps not. If you anticipate changing tyres you may want a board to put under your jack.
When you arrive see me for registration and then go out and look at the track on foot. We’ll  let people take their cars on recce as soon as any needed track work is done. After a couple of recce passes we’ll get to timed runs. We may score based on your best run instead of accumulating run times, let me know what you prefer and we’ll get a consensus.
If you are a worker and don’t want to come with the conditions I can understand that. Just let me know so I can rearrange the roster.
It’s challenging but we’ll do the best we can with what we have. I hope to see many of you tomorrow. 



Start Order R1 (Sept. 8, 6:00 PM)

Registration opened at Friday August 27 at 7:00AM At 9:45 we are full with a wait list of four. You can still register to get on the wait list but there is no guarantee you’ll make to the start list. I wish we could accommodate everybody.  

Registration by MotorSportReg is at

The Supplementary regulations are here: RC Eagles SR Sept 11, 2021 R1

Video of the track (I’m not very good with the drone, but you’ll get the idea). The “lakes” you see are only a few inches deep and are the result of heavy rain earlier in the week.

Eagle’s Nest Motocross Park
1513A Seneca Rd.
Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0
GPS: 43.07266, ]80.14927
The track is on the west side of Seneca Rd. between Third and Fourth Line.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to host a rallycross, between the ownership change at Humberstone and Covid restrictions. We’ve spent a lot of time finding and developing a new location but Eagles Nest looks like it will work our quite well. The track owner, Kyle, has bent over backwards to make the track friendly for cars while continuing as a motocross park, you couldn’t ask for a more helpful person.

To make the rallycross track we had about a week of bulldozer work done to establish a fairly flat route around all the jumps. Jeff designed the course and it’s worked out well. It’s loose clay, no rocks or other foreign objects and great to drive on when it’s dry. Add some rain to that and it’s pretty much impossible to use.

We tried two test days; the first one it rained heavily at 7:30AM and it was a complete washout, the second time we got a few runs in before the heavens opened at noon. At Humberstone you could make some kind of track work a couple of hours after the rains stopped, that doesn’t happen at Eagles Nest. You really need two dry days before the event and no rain on the day. The hope is that as we run more cars and compact the track it will be more resistant to becoming a sea of mud and will drain better.

The result is that this event is subject to a postponement if it looks like a good possibility of rain in the days leading up to the rallycross. With that in mind, we won’t be charging your credit cards until we are sure we can run, possibly on the day of the event. If you are using Interac, hold off on that until the day before or Saturday morning. We’ll make a decision on Thursday Sept. 9 and email everybody about the status. This has been quite a wet summer in Southern Ontario, we’ll hope for the best.

This will still be a bit of a test for the track and our systems so we may have a few glitches on the day, your understanding will be appreciated.

The track plans to have it’s concession stand open for the rallycross and I will update the status of that closer to the event.

I really appreciate all the effort put in by Jeff & Ian and all of the people who came out to help develop the track. The worst part was trying to get the cones back after a rain, you couldn’t drive a vehicle out to get them so you had to carry the back to solid ground while your boots got bigger and bigger with all the mud packed on them.

I’ll try to post regular updates on this page.






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