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Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis ORRC & SNATR

Event Date

27 Nov 2021

11:00AM - 5:00PM

Event Location

“ONroute Cambridge North” westbound Hwy 401 between Hwy 6 N (Exit 295) & Townline Rd (Exit 286).

Organizing Club


Route Notes Nov. 26, 8:00PM

Hello everybody

You’re getting this email as you are either competing or working at Northern Lights & Arora Borealis this Saturday. There are a couple of route corrections lower in this email so be sure to read it all. I’ll also post this on the web page and have printed copies at the start.
Registration starts at 10:00AM with the first car leaving at 11:01. The zero point at the start is a stop sign at the end of the parking lot just north of the gas station. From there you turn left to join the ramp to the 401 Westbound and get off at the first exit, Townline Rd. and then turn left to cross the 401. That is all in the instructions
All controls are timed to the second, scored to the 1/10 of a minute except for the breaks and end of legs. If that sounds like gobbledygook to you, don’t worry about it, just concentrate on keeping on route. In navigational rally the rules in order are: Stay on the road. Stay on Route, Stay on time. If you’re new to this don’t worry about trying to do timing.
Northern Lights should be finished a little after 1PM, Auora Borealis about 4:45 My cell number is on the cover of the instructions in case you have any difficulty.
Here is the current start order (Drivers only listed)
Car # Driver First  Class
1 Elgin (N) 11:01
2 John (N) 11:02
3 Mark  (N) 11:03
4 Daniel (N) 11:04
5 Roderik (N) 11:05
6 Nick (E) 11:06
7 Gord (E) 11:07
8 Jane (E) 11:08
9 Alain (E) 11:09
10 Cathy  (SN) 11:10
11 Roxanna (SB) 11:11
12 Jean Nicholas (SB) 11:12
13 Susan (SB) 11:13
14 Kate (SB) 11:14
I’ll give you your instructions about 5 minutes before your start time . Aurora Borealis will be restarting about 1:30 depending on how much time we need at the break.
Remember both rallies are scored independently for ORRC points but our awards combine both together. There are separate awards for the SNATR. If you are new to rally and have any questions, arrive at the start a bit early and we’ll do our best to explain.
The service centre is open for both washrooms & food. If you want to eat at their table you are supposed to show your proof of vaccination. We’ll do everything outside which will be a bit chilly but will avoid the indoor covid protocols.
For those that have done this before we are back to using stickers at the controls just like before covid.  This will minimize your time out of the car and let the workers keep warm as well. Maintain as much distance as possible getting your sticker. a mask would be a good idea. For the beginners the procedure at a checkpoint is given to you in the instructions but we are happy to go over it before the start.
Roger and Doug drove the route today and found a couple of problems. The big one is a closed road  due to flooding. You can actually get through but we can’t send you down a closed road. Here are the details.
At 8.64km in section 3 of Northern Lights you are on Safari Rd. about to cross Kirkwall Rd. Straight ahead the road is closed. Add this detour:
1) turn right onto Kirkwall Rd.
2) At 10.63km Turn left onto Concession 6W
3) at 13.07 Turn Left onto Valens Rd.
4) at 14.75 Stop Tee Left onto Safari Rd
5) at 14.83 Turn Right onto Valens (it’s a jog left)
Where you make right onto Valens is where you resume the original route, this will show as 11.14 in the instructions. The detour has taken 6.19 km so you have to account for that as you continue in the section. We are giving you an ET of 6:01 minutes to do this detour and after you can resume normal timing. 
The stickers at subsequent controls in the section will be incorrect for both the distance and ET but you have enough information to calculate the error. It will be correct at scoring.
The GPS location of the start of the detour is 43.34052, -80.15218 if you want to look it up on Google maps ahead of time
There is also a change in a pause in Aurora Borealis. In section 2 at 25.71 km change the pause from 1:44 to 1:46. 
There is a break in Aurora Borealis at the end of section 3. I intend to be there to do a card swap and assign out times. If I don’t make it there, count the break as a 20 minute pause. That is also in the instructions.
Roger said there were a few trees down that he had to move and some branches on the road. I’m pretty sure it will be clear tomorrow but the roads could be a bit slippery.

Check your email in the morning in case anything else comes up. See you then.



The Northern Lights has been a traditional KWRC event for many years. This year since it is running as a double-header, we have named the first rally (and SNATR) the Northern Lights Rally. We have named the second rally, the Aurora Borealis Rally.

Saturday November 27, 2021
Registration opens at 10:00 AM
Car 1 out at 11:01 AM
End of Northern Lights & SNATR about 1:00 PM
Car 1 out of Aurora Borealis at 1:31 PM
End of Aurora Borealis about 4:30 PM
There will be a 20 minute break during the Aurora Borealis.

Westbound Hwy 401 ON-Route Service Centre near Cambridge.
290 Hwy 401 Westbound, Cambridge, ON N3C 2V6
Between Exits 295 (Hwy 6 North) and 286 (Townline Road)
43.434787, -80.247188

$50 for the ORRC
$20 for the SNATR
If you enter the ORRC you are automatically entered in the SNATR, no extra fee.

This navigational rally consists of two legs. Leg A (Northern Lights will count as one ORRC (Ontario Championship) and also be one of our SNATR’s (Saturday Night at the Rallies). Leg B (Aurora Borealis) will just be ORRC. The ORRC has novice & expert instructions, the SNATR has beginner and novice.

For the purpose of ORRC series points only, legs A & B are scored as two individual rallies. The awards will be for the entire rally

SNATR classes:
SNATR Novice
SNATR beginner

Northern Lights classes:
ORRC Expert
ORRC Novice

Aurora Borealis Classes
ORRC Expert
ORRC Novice

The SNATR beginner instructions will be easier than the ORRC novice. There is no SNATR for leg B but you are welcome to continue in leg B with novice instructions.

The  distance is for the SNATR and leg A is about 100 km and Leg B about 125 km.  There is a 30 minute break between the two legs at the rest centre. There is no halfway point break in the SNATR. There is one 20 minute break in the second leg (Aurora Borealis).

Navigational rally teams a driver and navigator to find their way through the route using sometimes cryptic instructions while staying on route and on time. Checkpoints at undisclosed locations along the route record your arrival time and penalties are accessed for early or late arrival. Average speeds needed to stay on time are usually at least 10% below the posted limit. It’s not a race, it’s route finding and timing.  We have two levels of instructions, beginner and novice. Beginner is perfect if you’ve never done this before.  Check out the brief overview of navigational rallying and here are some sample instructions. Want to bring the kids along? That’s fine, if we know we can even print extra sets of instructions for them.

We’ve still got some Covid regulations to follow so we’re keeping contact to a minimum. We’ll try to do all the paperwork online, you will write the times on your route card from what the checkpoint tells you.

Here are the forms you need to fill out:
Entry form
Self Declaration
General Waiver (fillable) or
CARS-General-waiver-_EN (print & sign)

If you have people under the age of 16 in the car you’ll need:
The waivers are fillable PDF’s.  You might have to print the filled form as a PDF and attach it to an email, or print it and bring it along with you. It’s a bit clunky be we do need to have copies on file for everybody in the car.

Payment: We’re trying to avoid as much contact as possible so payment by interact transfer or credit card via MotorSportReg is preferred. Credit card payments will not be processed until the competitors are confirmed at the event.

For interact send $20 (or $50) to and use the password KWRC or something else if you prefer. If you can’t make the event we will give a full refund.

For more information:
Martin Loveridge  519 485 2131