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KWRC Speaker Series, Jan 24, Leanne Junnila

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24 Jan 2021

3:00PM EST

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I’m looking forward to this, our fourth and possibly final episode of our 2021 speaker series. Leanne is pretty well known in Canada since starting to rally in 2002, having 168 starts as a co-driver and three as a driver.  She’s competed mainly in Canada and the U.S. with appearances in Mexico and France. If you’ve met her you know how approachable she is and always ready to lend a hand and a friendly smile. She represents Canada on the FIA (Federation Internationale de L’Automobile) Women in Motorsport Commission (WIMC).


Leanne & Taisto 2015 (From Twitter)

Don’t miss this one. This event will be live the KWRC YouTube Channel on Sunday January 24, 2021 at 3:00PM EST. If you are watching live you can post questions that we will try to pass along to Leannne or you can watch the YouTube recording at a later date.

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