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Automapic ORRC & SNATR

Event Date

30 Sep 2023

10:00 to 16:00

Event Location

Tillsonburg, ON

Organizing Club


ORRC & Saturday Night at the Rallies Series

Automapic ORRC & SNATR

Our  fifth SNATR for 2023. It will be run along with the provincial championship naviational rally Automapic.

SNATR, or Saturday Night at the Rallies, are beginner level naviational rallies, about 2.5 hours long, often with a short break in the middle.

Legs A & B are about 110km long each.  SNATR competitors who also want to run leg A can do so using novice instructions at no extra charge, but don’t score ORRC points.

Leg A Start (ORRC only)
Tim Hortons (Tillsonburg North)
560 Broadway, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 3S7
GPS 42.87729, -80.74440

Registration for leg A opens at 9:00 AM, first car out at 10:01

Leg A Finish, Leg B Start (ORRC & SNATR)
Tim Hortons (Tillsonburg South)
401 Simcoe St, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 2J7
42.85367, -80.69375

Registration for the SNATR opens at 12:00 and first car out is 1:01

Leg B Finish
Kelsey’s Tillsonburg
247 Broadway, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 3R4
42.86322, -80.73100

Finishing about 4:00PM

How to enter:
1) Fill out our entry form
2) Complete our online annual waiver if you haven’t done one this year
You need to do this on a smart phone as it wants to take your picture.
3) Pay by transfer to, or by credit card using Cash works too.
Make sure you bring your valid vehicle ownership and insurance slips with you to the start, as well as a permission letter if you are not the owner of the vehicle.
Check out the brief overview of navigational rallying

Here are some sample instructions.


Sept. 29 Update. Hi Everybody, just a few notes about Automapic tomorrow. 

As you know there are two legs to the rally. Leg A is ORRC only and starts from the Tim Hortons at the North end of Tillsonburg, on the east side of Broadway St. The driveway into the Tims is a little tricky; The Tims and a Burger King share a parking lot but it’s easy to turn too soon and end up in a different lot just to the north and they are not connected. It’s easier to see the Burger King than the Tim Hortons. Car 0 is out at 10AM, registration will open about 9AM
Leg B also includes the SNATR and starts at the Tim Hortons / Wendy’s on the South East of Tillsonburg, it’s on Simcoe St. Near Hwy. 3. The ORRC competitors should get here about 12:30 and leave about 1:00PM. SNATR people will leave after the ORRC
The finish is at Kelseys on Broadway in Tillsonburg with car 0 due about 3:15PM. We’ll have lots of time do dissect the instructions have the usual after rally chat.
The start of Leg A and the zero point is turning right out of the North Driveway on the Tims. The start of Leg B is turning right at the traffic lights from the south-east exit from the Tims. Zero your Odo here. 
There is a lot of agricultural traffic as it’s prime harvest time. Due to that and some narrow roads we won’t give penalties for the repeated use of TA’s but your 19.5 total TA budget still applies. There is the odd place where the instructions missed a stop sign, like at RRX’s but you should still obey them. Roger and I drove the roads today and they are in pretty good shape. Some of the sandy roads have potholes or bumps but the average speed on these is somewhat lower. 
The following controls are timed to the minute A8, B5, B11, B12 and the end of legs A & B. If you don’t know what that means don’t worry about it, concentrate on navigating the route and do more timing when you are comfortable with doing it. In this order: Stay on the road, stay on route, stay on time.
At 8:00PM on Friday we have nine cars registered: five ORRC Experts, one ORRC Novice and four SNATR beginners. If any of the SNATR people want to run Leg A without qualifying for ORRC points you can, no extra charge. You will have to run the harder ORRC novice instructions and you may find them a bit challenging. 
For the SNATR competitors I have some cheat sheets. One is a glossary of terms like SA & TSSA, one is a set of extra recovery points. The sections in leg B are longer than usual, about 35km, so if you do get lost you may be able to pick up the route (or confirm you are on route) with these sheets. Don’t share them with the other classes. The SNATR has its own Odo check, the ORRC competitors get theirs in Leg A. I’ll be available at the Southern Tim’s by about 11:30 so if you want to arrive early and go over instructions with me I’d be happy to help. I’ll probably be outside near my big scoring van.
Murray has worked really hard to put together a fun and challenging rally using the most interesting roads in the area. Roger and Barry did the green crew. The checkpoints will include Steve, Roger, Frank, Barry, Murray, Teresa, Christina & Gary. If you need me tomorrow my cell number is 519 421 6853.

See you for a fun day tomorrow. 


Event Organizers

Event Essentials

  • ORRC $50
  • SNATR only $20

Event Forms

We've posted the essential and good to have forms in .pdf format so you can read them and fill them out ahead of time if needed. This could be important if you plan to run with a minor for whom who you do not have guardianship authority or if you want to register before the event.

Entry Form