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August Meeting – Karting

Event Date

08 Aug 2019

6:00PM to 9:3PM

Event Location


Organizing Club


In August we are going Karting instead of having our regular meeting. The venue is

Hamilton Indoor Go Karts
193 Cavell Ave.
Hamilton, ON
905 545 0055

We want to meet at the track for 6:00PM. We’ll provide Pizza and Wings for supper. We have room for up to 20 people and the club is covering all the costs. If you have a helmet bring it along. The track has loaners if you need one.

If you are planning on joining us you need to do two things: fill out this very simple google form with your name so I know how many are coming and fill out the tracks own form, instructions below.

Registration link:

Event Code: KWRC

Adult Kart riders must be at least 58” tall AND at least 12 years old.
The maximum number of karts permitted on the track at any time is 10.
All drivers are required to wear closed toe shoes.
Long hair/loose clothing must be secured.
Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to ride.

Below is the link to the registration page that all drivers must complete before arriving. If the driver hasn’t visited us since September 1st, 2018, they will need to re-register themselves with a new account. Drivers must enter the event code when they get to the drop down menu saying “I’m here for”, they will select “I have an event code” and enter the code provided below. If they do this step correctly, they will not have to check in upon arrival. If they fail to enter the event code and select the default option of “Walk-in”, they will be added to the generic queue line and will not be a part of the event.

At the final step, a white box will appear, that is a signature box where you must sign your name after reading the waiver and accepting its terms and conditions. Please sign it with your finger on your mobile device, or your cursor on your desktop computer.


Event Organizers

Event Essentials

  • Bring a helmet if you have one.