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2023 Frostbite SNATR Results

Results from the Frostbite SNATR #1, Feb. 4, 2023

1 NazarowiczPenneyB0.


Thanks to everybody who came out the first SNATR of the year. It was a nice afternoon drive and the weather matched the name of the event.

The checkpoint crews were Frank, Jeff, Gord and Brandon & Tristan. I did the route with help from Frank & Teresa and Roger stepped in to do the instructions when my time ran short with the dinner, rallycross and a bit of work mixed in. Special thanks to Jeff and Gord who came by my shop on Saturday to pick up cones, spent the day setting up the rallycross track and then checkpointed in the afternoon. Then the two of them came out to work at the rallycross the next day.

There were a couple of minor errors that I missed. One the approach to CP2 I had you doing a CAS 64 in a 60Km/Hr zone so I made that control route in – time out and there was some confusion on a 30 second pause at the finish of section 4 and if it was repeated at the start of section 5. I had put it both places for clarity but should of made it obvious that it wasn’t two pauses, just one. I adjusted the times to fix that in the most favorable way for each competitor.

Thanks to everybody for a good start to the season. The low scores were a testament to the skill of the navigators.

Our next SNATR is March 25, I don’t know where it will be yet.