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Final results for SNATR #1, 17 July 2021

Pos'n. Driver. Navigator. Class. CP A1. CP A2. CP A3. CP A4. CP A5. CP A6. CP A7. CP A8. CP A9. CP A10. Total


It was great to have a navigational rally again and actually meet people in person. We’re not back to doing everything the way we did but at least we are running. The weather for the evening turned out to be almost perfect; after a day of rain the clouds cleared up for a lovely summer evening.

The was just about right on the challenge scale, everybody got all the checkpoints and the scores were reasonable. It was great the have a mix of experienced and brand new people. As far as I know it was the first  navigational rally to have a fully electric vehicle entered  – a 2021 Tesla Model Y – and they drove from Toronto, ran the 135km rally and had 60% battery left for the trip home.

In the results you will see there was a tie for second place in Novice. For the purpose of awards we break the tie with a formula of most zeros, most consecutive zeros and so on. As such the crew of Hido and Spinner took home the second place award.


Thank you to the workers.
Roger for greencrew and course opening
Brandon for opening, answering questions and awards
Gary & Christina for registration and checkpoints
Steve for route work and checkpoints
Frank for checkpoints
Jeff and Cheryl for checkpoints
Teresa for route work and scoring

Finally, thanks to all the competitors for attending. I’m sure you all had lots to do on the first weekend of relaxed restrictions. If you have any questions about the rally just let us know.

We have the next SNATR scheduled for August 14 but at this time I don’t have a route or organizer. I’ll see what we can pull together in the next week or so and get it posted here and on social media. Other events coming up include Black Bear on August 7, PMSC rallycross on Aug. 14, RallySprint on Aug. 21 and KWRC Rallycross on Aug. 28. Things are going to busy.