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For the 2019 SNATR series we are  again going to keep track of competitors points and award season ending prizes. A list of the events is here.

Series Standings:

The prizes will be determined late in the year.

Points will be awarded for each rally based on a 10-9-8-…1 basis. The first place person gets 10 points, second place 9 points and so on. We don’t care if you are a driver or navigator, if you win your class you get 10 points. We don’t care if you run the beginner instructions or the more advanced ones, if you win your class you get 10 points. Four people will get 10 points per event, four will get 9 points and so on. This way, if you want to change classes or seats during the season it won’t affect your eligibility.

To qualify for the series awards you need to be a member of a CARS club by the end of the fourth SNATR on Aug.24th. CARS clubs in Ontario are listed here.

We’ll only count your four best events out of the six, so if you have a better offer on a particular Saturday night you can take it.

If there are ties for position at the events we’ll break the tie by using the most zero’s, then the most consecutive zeros and so on. If we can’t break a tie we’ll award identical points to that place and not award the next place points; I.E. 10-10-8-7… . If we end up with a tie for the series winners we’ll resolve that by drawing names from a hat. Decisions made by the club executive will be final.