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For 2018 KWRC is making a series out of it’s five scheduled rallycrosses. There is no need for separate registration for the series or extra fees, just entering an event gets you scored in the complete series.

The tentative dates for the five events are:

Saturday February 10th.
Saturday June 9th.
Saturday July 28th.
Saturday August 18th.
Sunday October 14th. (updated)

2018 Series Standings (Google Spreadsheet)

Watch the KWRC website in case we have to cancel or reshedule any of the events. When the racing schedule for the track is released we may have to adjust some dates.

The series has a few simple rules:
– Anybody can enter individual events but you need to be a CARS club member to have series points count.
– We assign points based on your finishing position in your class, 10 points for a win, 9 for second and so on down to 1
– All five events (or however many we run) will count in series.
– We’re going to allot about $5 per entry to fund the series prizes but we haven’t determined what the prizes will be yet. For 2017 we gave six free entries.
– We give KWRC club members the first chance at available spots in each event.
– Over the season you might get points in two different car classes but you can’t combine them.  You can enter a lower class car in a higher class (i.e. 2WD in 4WD).